Vision & Mission


To empower all students to take ownership of their learning, so they are prepared for success as leaders in a globalized world.


To create and maintain a positive learning environment that promotes relevant and engaging learning, inspires students to be ambassadors of good character, empowers students to develop skill sets and a passion for lifelong learning.  By maintaining this environment, we provide opportunities for our students to be productive and caring contributors in a changing world.

The Education Plan/School Design


F.L.I.P.S. (Faith, Love, Integrity, Positive Attitude, Self-Respect) is the character education model we created and will implement in our program.  These are “core values” that we believe are essential in developing a culture that promotes equity in our school environment.  These core values are needed in our society and hopefully, our school will be the “shining light” as an example of how students, parents/guardians, and the school community, regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, socioeconomic status, gender, religion can live and work together peacefully.


Organizational skills are essential skills students need to learn at an early age to maximize efficiency and productivity.  Students need to learn how to plan, prioritize various tasks, and maintain structure that will enhance the entire educational process.

Covenant Academy of Mobile will encourage the entire school community to model being organized and structured in a way to enhance and promote efficiency and productivity on all levels in the school community.


Covenant’s goal is to provide “Literacy Rich” classrooms that support speaking, listening, reading, and writing in a variety of ways using print or digital media.  These classrooms are not just for English Language Arts (ELA), but all subjects. Reading and writing across all content areas will enhance students’ skills and emphasize to the students that the skills are necessary in all subjects.


Covenant Academy of Mobile is devoted to providing an innovative program that will prepare ALL students to meet the demands of 21st Century essential skills.  We believe a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) education provides students some of the crucial skills necessary to be innovative “emerging leaders” in a global society.

Inquiry, curiosity, critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity are key skills that are the foundation of a STEAM education. Our students will not only compete for jobs in the United States, but all over the world and we are the educational “doorkeeper” preparing them to enter the “real world” prepared to be “productive contributors” with core values that also make them “good” citizens.

Research has shown that students in a STEAM environment are much more prepared than students in a “traditional” classroom environment.


Connections are elective classes that are offered to provide students opportunities to explore various interests in addition to taking their core classes.  Connection classes may last a quarter or a semester, depending on the course.

Connections also provide a solid foundation for high school students who are on a specific college or career path.  Connections with the local community will be an asset because business partners will be able to provide “hands on” learning resources to enhance “real life” experiences in the classroom. The courses will be designed to offer optimal experiences that will prepare students to be leaders and problem solvers.


Covenant Academy of Mobile’s goal is to prepare a diverse student population to be confident leaders in a global society.  This will be done by providing a “top notch” college and career educational experience along with developing partnerships with various businesses in the surrounding area who will provide internships and other “real life” opportunities.

Overview of the Planned Curriculum

Covenant Academy of Mobile’s priority is to ensure the instructional program is one that is aligned to its vision and mission.  A conscious effort was made when researching instructional materials to select a rigorous curriculum that is on/above grade level, but also offers intervention/enrichment support for those students who need additional support.

The leadership team made sure our curriculum not only aligns with the Alabama Course of Study standards, but also Common Core and the Next Generation Science standards as well.  We believe with the alignments; our students will be well prepared for any required local, state, or national assessment administered.

We believe that high quality instructional materials will ensure that EVERY student is learning grade level, engaging, and meaningful content daily.  Research has shown that high quality instructional materials in ALL subjects (reading, language arts, science, technology, engineering, arts, math, social studies/history, etc.) can decrease inequities in instruction between and within schools.

National Implementation Research Network suggests “4 Key Elements” for a successful program:

  • Consistent opportunities to work on “Grade Appropriate” assignments
  • Strong instruction where students do most of the thinking in a lesson
  • Deep engagement in what the students are doing
  • High expectations of teachers and students-believe they can and will
The Implementation Plan

2022-23          Planning Year
2023-24          K-5
2024-25          K-6
2025-26          K-7
2026-27          K-8
2027-28          K-9
2028-29          K-10
2029-30          K-11
2030-31          K-12


Once approved as a charter school, Covenant Academy of Mobile will begin its extensive recruiting efforts for the 2023-24 school year.

The school will follow the guidelines as indicated in Alabama School Choice and Student Opportunity Act regarding “Open Enrollment” for “New Start-Up School”.